What is the objective of an operational audit?

An operational audit describes the evaluation and examination of an organization's operational activities. Beyond these two phases, an operational audit will allow managers to have a better idea of the overall performance of their company, of a particular department, of their teams or of the processes that have been implemented. When performing operational audits, auditors focus on identifying the processes being carried out and, with the help of content experts, management uses procedures to identify opportunities for improvement. An operational auditing process is the series of steps an auditor takes to evaluate the operating activities of a certain company or other organization.

However, sometimes people close to the company do not review this data with complete objectivity or are so familiar with the operations that it is difficult to find alternative solutions when obstacles arise. And, obviously, from the management it is almost impossible to control everything and ensure perfection in daily operations. In addition, operational audits take considerable time to complete, and the more complex the operations, the more difficult it can be to determine exactly what is causing the problems. Successfully achieving the objectives of an operational audit requires some form of process improvement.

Operational audits are a type of advisory auditing performed by auditors with the objective of improving processes and improving effectiveness and efficiency. The objective of the operational auditing process is to determine whether the company's internal controls, such as policies and procedures, are sufficient to produce an optimal level of efficiency and effectiveness. The process of an operational audit begins with a meeting between management and the auditor, in which the auditor collects information about the company. The improvement in performance occurs mainly in the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations and activities.

An operational audit includes an analysis of the processes, systems, and procedures used in an organization. Operational auditing is essentially a state of mind, a method of approach; any area can be approached from a financial or accounting point of view or from an operational or management point of view. Companies can get a clear picture of how their operations are doing by examining internal company data using reports and graphs.

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